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The Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center is an Integrative Medical Center that offers Holistic Healthcare for the entire family in a compassionate, nurturing environment. Our focus is to treat the individual rather than the symptoms and to utilize natural therapies to promote the body's healing process.  Our team of practitioners are experts in the field of Holistic Family Medicine and Bodywork.

Our Center has a strong commitment to support our Community.  Conveniently located on Chestnut Street in downtown Santa Cruz, our patients receive the highest quality of healthcare available.  We recognize, honor and treat the physical body as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

Our Naturopathic Doctors, trained in both Western medicine and medically trained in alternative stethoscopemedicines, utilize a variety of safe, non-toxic modalities designed to stimulate your body’s own ability to heal.  Our doctors are adept at helping people with chronic fatigue, allergies, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, women’s health, gastrointestinal complaints and many more.  Because we treat people, not disease, there is no one person that cannot benefit from Naturopathic Medicine.

Massage and Bodywork sessions are offered by our professional massage therapists and can improve circulation, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance the immune system, and reduce chronic pain.

Counseling services: When a person begins to understand compassionately for themselves, they then begin to come back to a place of health, balance and happiness. This in turn helps them to develop a healthy relationship to self and others.

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