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Marti Mariette, RCST®, CMP
Therapeutic Bodywork, Massage and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to assist in:

  • Chronic pain relief
  • Injury recovery
  • Surgical preparation and recovery
  • Body awareness and exercises to help you heal on your own
  • Migraine and Sciatica relief
  • Resolving the source of back, neck, shoulder and foot pain
  • Stress and anxiety relief

MartiMarti is interested in the healing process—what needs to be present for our bodies and minds to embrace our own healing. Bodywork is part of her spiritual practice working with the sacred territory of the human body.

She is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist, completing a 2 year national training program and am certified with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America. Craniosacral work focuses on the nervous system to ease tensions and undo patterns of stress and pain. She finds craniosacral work combined with muscle massage and deeper touch, to bring deep relaxation and lasting pain relief.

Marti is certified in Bodywork for Injury Recovery and is passionate about working with people recovering from surgery and injury. She helps clients find a pace that gives their body time to heal, while gently working to improve comfort, range of motion and strength.She is certified in Swedish and Deep tissue massage, and Phenomenal Touch techniques and has extended her studies with training in Balinese, Chinese, Thai, Sports massage and Polarity.

Marti listens to what your body needs then designs a session to create relaxation and restoration. Sessions include flowing strokes, deep tissue massage, assisted stretching and craniosacral work to bring relief and address the source of pain. Sessions bring body awareness that helps you reconnect with your own healing process.

Marti's healing work extends into the community as a volunteer with Santa Cruz Hospice and with the Santa Cruz Threshold Singers where she sings at the bedsides of hospice patients and those recovering from illness and surgery. She also teaches art and writing and encourages the artist inside each of us, however it wishes to be expressed.


"Marti has the most magical healing hands I've ever experienced. Every time she gave me a massage and did craniosacral work I reached the most amazing state of deep relaxation and peace of mind. The body work sessions I had with her were an essential element to my healing process and I will forever be grateful to her." -MK Boone

"Sessions with Marti are deeply relaxing. She really listens with her hands to what my body is asking for. Her style is fluid with long sweeping stokes and I love it!" -Gloria Alford

"Craniosacral therapy is more relaxing than sleep. It’s like hovering in REM sleep. I feel so rested and recharged after a session with Marti." - Ron Barr

"I gave you sticks, stones and tired, You gave me gossamer wings." -Laura Dickie