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Testimonials for Dr. Rachel Rozelle

“I began seeing Dr. Rachel Rozelle when my husband and I were trying to conceive. She helped me get my diet, supplements, and lifestyle in shape and fertility friendly. Then I joined the center's fall cleanse and met the other doctors and some other patients - what a great experience! I really love this community. Every moment from the first call with the receptionist through my entire care experience has been enjoyable, professional, and healing. I especially recommend their Wednesday B-12 happy hour! (P.S. I got pregnant just a couple of months later!)"
MM, Santa Cruz

“While visiting my daughter, I accompanied her to a doctor's appointment and it was then I met Dr. Rozelle. I hadn't had any experience with Naturopathy until meeting her, and didn't know what to expect. Dr. Rozelle listened to my daughter more intently than I'd ever seen a doctor listen, and then asked lots of insightful questions we'd never been asked. Her warmth and and generosity with her time were healing in and of themselves, but additionally, Dr. Rozelle is a scientist at heart, and she likes to dig in and figure out the underlying cause of things, rather than simply managing symptoms. Her treatment of my daughter was so helpful and such a godsend- that I made an appointment for myself. I'm so glad i did. I live more than a thousand miles and several states away from her office, but even so, I consider her my primary healthcare provider. She's that good.

Additionally, I was worried about costs and insurance, and she and her office staff were great about helping me muddle through those things, and I found it was much more affordable than I'd expected."

“Dr. Rozelle is one of the most compassionate doctors I know. My first experience with homeopathy was with her. I felt comfortable telling her my life story and I felt like she listened to me without judging me. I know I could tell her anything and she would not look at me different. That is what makes her a great doctor. She is non judgmental and therefore, you can divulge your most intimate secrets to her so she can properly treat you. Anyone who has her as a doctor will get the best treatment possible."

“Dr. Rozelle has a genuine interest in your health and well being. She is naturally skilled at healing you with a sweet and nurturing presence. She has helped us when no one else could address my sonís illness. I highly recommend her for healing your family. Her outstanding brilliance is unmatched!"

“I came to Dr. Rozelle last year with insomnia, anxiety/shaking, heart palpitations and an inability to stabilize my hypothyroid symptoms. I had previously been seen by my primary care doctor, a cardiologist and several endocrinologists with no relief of symptoms. I actually had little hope that any of my problems would be resolved, but Dr. Rozelle was very positive and confident. After a few visits she was able to formulate a plan of care that has not only greatly improved my sleep and ALL other symptoms, but has also been able to stabilize my thyroid levels. While I am very happy to have these issues resolved, what most impresses me is Dr. Rozelle's ability to be kind and show genuine empathy for her patients. She truly listens to your needs and treats not just your individual symptoms, but you as a whole person."