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Willow M. Renee, MTCM, CMP, #67136, MQP
Massage/Chinese Medicine
An Offering of Tui Na and Yin Tui Na Willow Renee

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na as a branch of Chinese medicine. Tui Na is bodywork that uses the same meridian systems as acupuncture. Utilizing different techniques to bring harmony to the body, through clearing blockages, promoting blood circulation, and overall balancing. Tui Na massage also provides the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine to clients without the use of needles. Tui Na is also the primary means of addressing childhood illness in Chinese medicine, offering a gentle, nurturing method to positively influence the health and development of children.

What is Yin Tui Na?

Yin Tui Na is a style of bodywork, that uses supportive holding with slow, subtle and gentle movements. This allows the body to realign and release blockages that may have formed due to emotional, physical stress, or injury (both internal and external).

Tui Na and Yin Tui Na can help our bodies in a number of ways, including:

  • Pain (chronic or acute)
  • Sleep
  • Tension and stress in the body
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Increase sports performance and other activities
  • Supports organ functioning

What to expect in a session:

  • This style of bodywork is done fully clothed
  • Initial assessment
  • Evaluation of your Chinese pulses
  • Bodywork for 45 minutes (1 hour session) or 75 minutes (1 1/2 hour session)
  • Qigong "homework" if needed (continue’s the benefits of our work between sessions)

Willow enjoys working with people of all ages, backgrounds and health conditions.

Other modality influences include:
Trigger Point,Thai, Body-Mind Clearing/Belly-Mind Clearing, Medical Qigong

Willow has her Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a certified massage practitioner, and medical qigong practitioner. She has studied many healing modalities from a young age and practicing Chinese body and energy work since 2012. Willow has a background in Japanese and Chinese martial arts which aid in her deeper understanding of how the body works dynamically. Willow is also currently studying meditation, and furthering her bodywork and medical qigong studies for the benefit of others.

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